Solar Photovoltaic Products - Solar Signage


Solar Powered Directional Signs are typically placed along curved roads, sharp curves, flyovers/bridge railings and at diversions at road constructions to direct roadway motorists at an effective distance.

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Three moving arrows with high intensity ultra bright LEDs This ensures that visibility is greater than 500m The life of the LED is greater than 10,000 hours
Sealed lead acid maintenance-free battery This ensures long life of the and also ensures that there is no requirement of a top-up
Solar charge controller This prevents the battery from being over¬ charged and also protects it from deep discharge
Stand alone system with various components like battery, solar module, charge controller, & luminary integrated as a single system The maximizes the energy efficiency of the system
Anti theft mounting arrangement This ensures that the system is safe from theft and does not require to be monitored
Automatic Dusk to Dawn operation This means that the system need not be manually operated
Autonomy for 1 day under cloudy conditions This ensures that the system works even

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