Solar Photovoltaic Products - Solar Road Studs


The Solar Road Stud is a unique, innovative and state-of-the-art road safety device, powered by the sun. It provides a clear, visible traffic guidance round-the-year. These studs function automatically, from dusk to dawn and do not rely on reflected light from vehicle headlights. In effect the Solar Road Stud proves to be a much better option than conventional road studs. Conventional studs provide visibility up to where the head beam of the vehicle can reach, giving the driver a reaction time of only 3-4 seconds. The Solar Studs provide a visibility of almost 500 meters, even on meandering roads, without the help of the headlights. This gives the drivers more than 30 seconds to react and avoid accidents.

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Single f double direction State-of-the-art LEDs These drastically reduce the risk of accidents The life of the LED is greater than 10,000 hours
Bright, flickering light This allows for improved visibility of 500m for drivers in all-weather conditions
Integrated solar Panel The compact, sturdy design promotes maxi¬mum energy efficiency
Aluminum die cast casing This makes the system ideal for highway load condition and also lengthens its life
Automatic ON at dusk and OFF at dawn This means that it does not have to be manu¬ ally operated and it automatically prevents fatal accidents that occur due to invasion of centerlines

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