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Today, solar energy and its applications are a part of text books for students in schools, pre-university and college as well. The Solar Educational Kit works as a live demonstration unit that supports the theory in a manner that engages the attention of students. This Educational Solar Energy Kit will introduce the students to how energy from the sun can power small appliances.

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Compact housing with screen printed polycarbonate for module and aluminum plate for switches & meters The design is integrated with solar module, ammeter and voltmeter, which automatically increases the life for the system
Analog ammeter and voltmeter with potentiometer This gives the user control over the ressi stance
Switch to select mode of operation This allows the user to power the load through a solar cell or battery
Portable and light weight This makes it ideal for training purposes
Aluminum anodized frame This gives the system strong corrosion-free structural support
Simple to operate with clear instructions It is easy for the user to 'do it yourself*

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