Solar Solutions

1. Solar Thermal Solutions

2. Solar Photovoltaic Solutions

Solar Thermal Solutions:

Our Solar Thermal provides inexpensive solar energy to business and home owners concerned about the rising cost of energy. We provide all the elements beginning with site surveys and customer consultations, through the design and installation of solar collectors to heat domestic hot water and swimming pools.

With our flat plate solar collectors, the sun’s heat is captured and transferred through an integrated heat exchanger to your water. The relatively simple process has significant economic and environmental benefits. By heating your water with renewable solar energy rather than finite fossil fuels, you will

Solar Water Heater Domestic & Industrial

Our customers love their solar hot water systems. Solar thermal technology has been perfected over many decades to provide a greater abundance of hot water than possible with electric or gas heaters – all with the sun's free energy. Because the initial investment is small and the monthly savings are large (reducing the average electric bill by 25%), solar water heaters provide a quick return on investment. A popular option for homes, offices and factories, solar water heaters offer low-cost, low-maintenance hot water year-round.

Solar heaters for Swimming pools

Solar pool heating is often the most economical way to heat a swimming pool. Compared to conventional pool heaters using propane or oil, solar pool heating systems can pay for themselves in four years or less. If you currently don't heat your pool, a solar heating system can provide an economical way to extend your pool season.

Solar Photovoltaic solutions

Solar photovoltaic solutions helps you to become energy independent, reduce your utility bills, protect yourself against blackouts and reduce environmental pollution!
Solar Electric systems convert sunlight to electricity. The systems consist of modules - or solar panels - inverter, charger and batteries. The PV modules generate DC electricity and send it to the inverter, the inverter transforms DC power into AC electricity and regulates the charge of batteries. The batteries store electricity that can be used at night or during blackouts.
Photovoltaic systems are modular, you can start with a basic system and add on as needed. Solar Direct has a complete line of Solar Electric products and accessories at extremely competitive prices. We have consultants and engineers ready to assist you make the best choice for your energy needs.

Solar Water Pumps

We manufacture and supply a wide range of Solar Water Pumps that is specifically designed to technical perfection, in order to facilitate pumping solutions in a number of application areas. Backed by our sophisticated research facility, we are able to design and develop solar water pumps in conformation to latest market demands. Our Solar Water Pumps have no fuel cost and efficiently works on sun light. Not only they are easy to install but are also easy to maintain. Solar Water Pumps are best alternatives in areas where there is no electricity or reliable supply is not available.

Solar Refrigerators

We are one of the prominent manufacturers and suppliers of Solar Refrigerators in the country. High quality construction provides excellent reliability and long life. Super-insulated cabinets feature polyurethane insulation. Zero maintenance, thermostatically controlled, DC compressor operates on 12 or 24V DC, reducing frost and moisture build-up for low maintenance. Our Chest-Style Solar Refrigerators and freezers are easy to clean using the drain hole at the bottom of the unit. The latest technology with which is made allows refrigeration in remote locations where it was previously unavailable or prohibitively expensive.

Solar Street Lights

Solar street lighting system is an ideal lighting system for the illumination of streets, squares and cross roads located in areas that are not connected to the power grid. This fully integrated system combines the latest and most innovative technologies available providing years of convenient and trouble free lighting. Fully assembled factory tested kits are available with or without mounting poles.
The standalone solar photovoltaic street lighting system comprises of a Lamp as light source, re-chargeable lead acid battery for storage, PV modules for charging the battery, suitable electronics for the operation of the tamp and safe charging and discharging of the battery and mechanical hardware for fixing these sub systems.

Solar Lanterns Description

The Solar Lanterns developed by Renaissance Energy Systems has been designed as a low-cost alternative to solar home systems. Sunshine falling onto a photovoltaic panel charges the solar lanterns battery so that the lantern can provide light at night. It is ideal for any application where there is no local connection to grid electricity. It also has important applications where there is inconsistent or unreliable supply.
These solar powered lanterns are targeted at those households who currently use kerosene or candles and would like to upgrade to a more efficient form of lighting, but for whom a stand-alone solar home system is too expensive. Also good for Roadside vendors / hawkers.

Solar Power Packs for Home Lighting

We deal in manufacturing and supplying highly effective Solar Home Lighting Systems for domestic purpose. Our Solar Home Lighting System generates electricity from sun rays for lighting and running electricity based home appliances. Our solar home lighting systems have various qualitative features, which makes them widely demanded. Our Solar Home Light Systems are available with battery charger that maximizes output from solar module while main battery/solar module disconnects switch with safety fuses.

Solar Garden Lights

Solar lights provide a flexible alternative for outdoor designs. They are easily placed and moved without the need for trenching or running electrical power from your home. They also come in a wide variety of designs that can enhance any landscape.
Solar lights have many uses like Garden lighting , Pathway lighting, Driveway lighting, Patio lighting,Architectural lighting, Mission Solar Lights, Solar powered Christmas lights.

Solar Road Studs

Solar Road Stud also called Solar Road Marker, Solar Pavement Marker, Solar Cat Eye products have several advantages over conventional reflective markers because of their built-in, self sustaining L.E.D.s. Advantages of using Front way Solar Road Stud products include but not limited to the following:

  • Provide great visibility for drivers at night and during bad weather conditions.
  • Prevent fatal accidents and serious injuries caused by hidden and hard-to-see center lines.
  • Maximize the drivers ability to operate and maneuver through dark spots, or dangerous sharp- curved areas on the road.
  • Cost effective, easy to install and virtually no maintenance.
  • Use of natural solar energy is good for environmental conservation.

Solar Power System Components

The Charge Controller operates the array at its maximum efficiency and feeds the electricity into the inverter after the battery bank is filled to capacity. A charge controller also protects the battery bank from overcharging. When the battery bank is fully charged, the controller interrupts the flow of electricity from the PV panels. Batteries are expensive and lose potency when under or over-charged, so the controller extends the life of the batteries. A charge controller built into a grid-tie inverter uses maximum power point tracking (MPPT) to optimize the array's output, increasing the energy it produces.

Solar Inverters

The inverter transforms the solar-produced DC electricity into the AC electricity commonly used in most homes for powering lights and appliances. Grid-tie inverters synchronize the electricity they produce with the grid's "utility grade" AC electricity, allowing the system to feed solar-made electricity to your home and to the utility grid. Battery-based inverters for off-grid or grid-tie use often include a battery charger, which is capable of charging a battery bank from either the grid or a backup generator during cloudy weather.

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