Solar Thermal Products - Hotmax Nova Solar Heating


The new Hotmax Nova is a stylish new water heater, backed by high performance. The product is so flexible that it perfectly fits any kind of roof, without impairing the aesthetics of the building. It is designed to perform efficiently in all weather conditions, enabling the availability of hot water, all year round. The Homax Nova re-emphasizes the leadership position of Tata BP Solar in the Indian solar market. The ‘Manifold' technology, once available only in higher-end systems is now being launched in domestics markets as well. This innovation further strengthens the product range of Tata BP Solar, giving our customers an unparalleled choice of solar water heaters under one brand.

Features and Benefits

Features Benefits
Evacuated tubes fitted to This reduces the amount of cold water that is horiz ontal man if old This reduces the amount of cold water that is mixed and keeps the water hot.It helps in sun tracking all year round
High quality three layered evacuated tubes This allows the system to function efficiently even with hard water that has a hardness of 600 ppm It is resistant to clogging/choking
Short boy design with horizontal manifold This makes sure that the system works efficiently, even when over head tank height is 2m from the terrace It also makes the heater compatible with
Aesthetically designed,with tank & tu bes separated Silt draining through the manifold This makes the tank suitable for sloped roof insta nations It makes it easier to maintain It also enhances the life of the storage tank
Larger diameter of the tank The large diameter reduces turbulence that causes temperature loss during consumption/draining
PUF insulation This ensures that the overnight temperature drop is less than 5°C

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